In the house opposite: a selection of the D.I.Y. art on solidarity

This collection presents zines and drawings about solidarity that are created by the queer and trans*gender activists from Ukraine. Some of the works were published in the "Feminism, zines, solidarity. Resisting discrimination on paper and in reality" (2019), others were featured on the ZBOKU web platform. These images show the processes and discussions that often go unnoticed in the academic community. The images are published with the permission of the authors.


Black Feminist Statement

In 1977, the Combahee River Collective, a radical Black feminist group, published the "Black Feminist Statement", which had a great influence on the formation of feminist, left, and socialist thought. The "Black Feminist Statement" has appeared in the context of hitherto crucial discussions about the homogeneity of the feminist movement, disregard of racism and xenophobia, as well as the problematic issues of white liberal feminism. The Statement questioned such universal categories as "woman" and "global sisterhood." Speaking out against capitalism, hetero-patriarchy, racism, and liberal individualism, the activists of the Combahee River Collective sought to find new forms of collective imagination, public space, radical queer politics, and freedom. In the post-Soviet context, this Statement remains mostly unknown. We think that the Statement articulates important theorizing, which, although produced in the geographical west, provides examples of radical feminist imagination and resistance. The translation of the Statement into Russian can create a space for comprehension of transformative radical solidarities, as well as for reflection on the relations between post-Soviet feminist practices and racial, colonial, and imperial formations. The Combahee River Collective emphasizes the importance of centering the marginal experiences of people of color, whose bodies and identities are a constant target of attacks, neglect, and systematic violence, as well as a major resource exploited under the global capitalist regime.

Read the complete translation in Russian.

Listen to an audio version of the Statement .