Publishing process

Submissions to Feminist Critique are accepted on a rolling basis, allowing authors to submit their articles at any time. Once an article is received, we perform an internal review to assess its alignment with the Journal's requirements and profile. If it meets these criteria, it proceeds to the next stage for anonymous review.

During peer review, several academic colleagues with expertise in similar or related topics assess the article anonymously.

As soon as a paper undergoes anonymous review and, if necessary, author revisions, it is sent to a copy editor for final editing. Subsequently, it will be published on the website, allowing you to reference your publication even before the entire issue is finalized. The reviewers will evaluate various aspects during their assessment, including but not limited to the following:

  • If your manuscript has a strong introduction with a clear puzzle and research questions that you are setting out to tackle an argument; 
  • Are you explicit about your methodology? How valid are your data and methods? 
  • If you position your work in the larger body of theoretical and/or empirical literature; 
  • What are you adding that is crucially new? 
  • How logical are you in arguing your points? 
  • How does your research meet feminist and/or queer-theoretical positionality?