The Unwomanly Face of Chechnya


This documentary essay conveys the author’s thoughts and feelings regarding the homophobic campaign that developed in Chechnya since the beginning of 2017. It tells about that place or that empty signifier, that was assigned to women in the coverage of this tragedy, and about the personal experience of the author as a volunteer of an association in France supporting LGBT+ refugees from the North Caucasus.

This text belongs to the special issue of the “Feminist Critique” that includes materials of the “Fucking Solidarity: queering concepts on/from a Post-Soviet perspective” international conference that was held 20-23 September 2017 at the University of Vienna. Conference organizers are Katharina Wiedlack, Masha Neufeld, Tania Zabolotnaya, Liza Belorusova, Sasha Skorykh, Saltanat Shoshanova, Masha Godovannaya. The guest editors of the issue are Katharina Wiedlack, Liza Belorusova, Olenka Dmytryk, Syaivo.

Read the full text in Russian.

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