Boston Marriages in Contemporary Russia and Beyond



In the dominant Russian-language political discourses, modern Russia is often portrayed as a stronghold of traditional family values, intolerant towards alternative forms of human cohabitation. Nevertheless, behind the official rhetoric facade lies a diverse Russian society, surviving the crackdown on sexual freedom, and a patriarchal renaissance sanctioned by the authorities. This article talks about Boston marriages in modern Russia and beyond. Boston marriage is a unique phenomenon that demonstrates the adaptation of Russian society to the challenges of a new sexual and family politics. We present our online project "Zhivi s podrugoi” founded in 2014 to highlight and promote cohabitation between women, Boston marriage and romantic friendship; it also serves as a meeting platform for women, looking for such relationships. What is meant here is not merely sexual relationships, but the economic, psychological, and social support between friends who are women. Read the full text in Russian.

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