“The Cave of the Golden Rose” Feminist Art Project

Art-project “Between the Spaces of Feminist Art History, Fairytale, Feminist Discourses and (Hi)stories for the Survival of Earth, Lays the Cave of the Golden Rose”

25.05.2019 – 15.06.2019, Closer Art Center, Nyzhnyojurkivska str., 31, Kyiv.

The story of the children’s TV series built around a fairytale about a princess who succeeded posing as a male knight is not unproblematic. In fact, it clearly calls for a critical interpretation as a narrative that excludes many things to assert something certain. It’s more anthropomorphic and anthropocentric than the other way around. This particular, barely working and “distant” form attracts us by the opportunity to assert our love for telling stories. It includes the love for writing and for the voice telling the story, the love for other women’s (no-men’s) passionate voices weaving the things they tell into life, the love for one’s own voice, for erotic pleasure of touching yourself and for the sensation of self. (The full text is available in Russian).

Exhibition participants: Yliana Bychenkova, Vishnya Vishnya, Marina Gaba, Juli Golub, Zhanna Dolgova, Dana Kavelina, Inna Krasnoper, Valentina Petrova, Anna Scherbyna, Tatiana Efrussi.

Curators: Yliana Bychenkova, Zhanna Dolgova, Valentina Petrova, Anna Scherbyna.

Exhibition architect: Alisa Omelchenko.




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